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Have you heard of the Freebird app or looking for a Freebird promo code? It allows you to earn up to $10 cash back and points every time you Uber or Lyft. Take a ride home and earn up to $5 or 500 points easily. You can also get exclusive access to limited-time offers & promo codes. It’s now available nationally on Uber and Lyft!

You can get started with the invite code: m332a

Freebird Promo Code: m332a

Freebird promo code M332A for $10 free (use promo code before you take your first ride) after taking your first 2 rides.

freebird promo code
referral code(Or, Click here to claim your $10 Freebird Referral Code.)

What is Freebird?

Earn cash-back or points (that turn into cash) on all Uber or Lyft rides that you order through the Freebird app. It’s more than just a rewards app. It’s your new way to ride.

Cash-Back Rides

Take a ride to a participating location, make a purchase, we’ll confirm it on your credit card, and then send your cash reward.

Ride Home Rewards

Let’s end drunk driving. Our partners are paying up to $5 or 500 points on your safe ride home from bars & restaurants.

Take Rides Anywhere

There are no limitations on where you can go when using Freebird. Only pay the fees Uber or Lyft charge. Available nationally.

Special Promotions

Promo codes. Events by popular brands and chains. Referral bonuses. There are so many ways to earn cash rewards.

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You can get started with the invite code: m332a

How to Earn Freebird Rewards

  1. Take your first ride (cash or points)
  2. Add any cards you use to make purchases so the app can verify your purchases from cash offer locations (500 pts)
  3. After you have earned a cash balance, add a debit card to transfer your cash rewards (500 pts)
  4. Simply drag your Freebird app next to Uber and Lyft. That way, whenever you need a ride, you’ll never miss out on earning cash rewards.

freebird promo code

Current Freebird Promotions


  • June is the month to refer riders. Starting June 11th, every referral that uses your invite code and takes their first ride before July 1st is an entry for you to win one of 5 promo codes for up to $10 back on 25 rides. Don’t miss your chance for a summer’s worth of discounted rides!
  • Starting June 11th, all riders that take their first ride before July 1st are entered to win one of 5 promo codes for up to $10 back on 25 rides.

How Freebird Pricing Works

Freebird won’t charge you. When ordering a ride through the Freebird app, the only costs you’ll be charged are from Uber and Lyft. It’s their mission to help you save money on ride shares.
Freebird can’t control charge estimates. Uber and Lyft send them their best guess of how much your ride is going to cost. These estimates may not be exact, but there are never any Freebird charges added. You can verify this in your Uber and Lyft receipts.
Uber and Lyft Promotions work. With Uber, if Freebird has the same or a lower fare estimate, the promotional pricing is most likely applied. With Lyft, it’s less obvious. Their fare estimate is a range that doesn’t include promotions. However, some users have seen the discount reflected in their Lyft receipt.

Freebird Referral System

To invite your friends to try the Freebird App:

  1. Click the bottom left on your home screen
  2. Tap “Invite & Get Cash”
  3. Follow the prompts

In order for you and your friends to get the $10 cash deposited to your Freebird Rides account, your friend must take their first ride. They’ll receive $5 for each of their first two rides.

You can get started with the invite code: m332a

freebird promo codereferral code

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