SoFi Referral: SoFi Money Refer a Friend Bonus ($25)

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SoFi $50 New Member Bonus for 2021:

You can sign up through this SoFi Money Referral Link to earn a $25 bonus with your new account.

You’ll get the $25 in cash after funding a SoFi Money account with $500 or more.

The bonus will be applied the same day and you can withdraw instantly.

Side Note: we love SoFi Money — the bank of our wet dreams! All in one Checking & Savings account with 1.80% interest! Been making $15/mo interest on 10K for 3 months now!

sofi money

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SoFi Money Referral Program

SoFi Money

sofi referral

Get the best of checking and savings — in one account.

SoFi Money® earns you 1.80% APY on all your cash and has no fees. It’s the easiest way to spend and save.

Annual Fee: Free
APY: 1.80%

  • SoFi Money has the convenience of checking and
    savings morphed into one hybrid account.
  • Earn 1.80% APY
  • Pay zero fees.
  • Free ATMs everywhere.


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How Does the SoFi Refer a Friend Bonus Work?

You could make some serious cash when you invite friends and family to join SoFi. As long as they use your unique link, they’re good to go

It costs nothing but a few minutes of your time to make referrals, so it’s definitely worth doing. Let’s look at the details.

Here’s how to get a SoFi referral bonus for referring friends.

1. Go to SoFi’s Referral Program page and log in with your username and password.

2. Choose whether to create a link to distribute yourself or automatically email select individuals. If you make a link for anyone to use, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Wait for people to use your link and once you do, get paid $50 per referral for the SoFi Money program. You can also refer your friends to Active Investing, Student Loan Refinancing, and Personal Loans.

So in conclusion, the SoFi referral bonus is a great value, and it’s super easy to get as long as you have friends who are able to get approved for the SoFi account you refer them to.

Wait! Claim your $50 SoFi Money Bonus Below!

sofi money

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