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In this article, you can find the latest Blooom promo code. Take advantage of this referral code today to save money on tuning up your retirement accounts.

Check out the latest Blooom promo code for 2021 so you can save money as a new member.

BM86QVZS Save more than $20 off the regular annual price. 12/31/2021

Blooom Promo Code: BM86QVZS. Save on Blooom’s service by using this promo code. Save more than $20 off the regular annual price.

blooom referral code

Blooom Promo Code

If you wanted to get blooom for more than $20 off the regular annual price, you can enter the promotional code: BM86QVZS

What is Blooom?

Do you want to optimize and grow your 401(k) in seconds? There is an online service called Blooom that does all the heavy lifting and can optimize your 401(k) in minutes. This computer bot will analyze your 401k for free and provide you with personalized suggestions on how to better invest your 401k in minutes.

Blooom Features

blooom referral code

  • Show you how well you are invested
  • Pick the best funds available in your 401k and give you exact percentages of what to invest where
  • Show you exact percentages on how many stocks vs. bonds to have
  • Show how much you are paying in investment fees and how to potentially pay less (average bloom client cuts their fees in half)

I got in touch with them and they are conveniently offering Referral Code readers a free 401(k) & IRA analysis, so act fast (Promo code: BM86QVZS).

For someone who doesn’t know how well their 401(k) is invested or would benefit from professionals analyzing it, it’s pretty powerful. You can get your 401(k) checked over by clicking here.

Why we love Blooom

Here are some the features of why we’re fans of the service:

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1. Peace of mind standard. The second-guessing and worrying about your 401(k) is over. You can rest easy knowing a professional advisor is handling things for your most important investments.

2. Finance 101 not required. No more poring over 401k investments that read like they are written in a foreign language. You can toss all that in the trash. Blooom will handle all the heavy lifting.

3. You owe it to yourself. You and your family are going to depend on your 401k someday, right? You better get it right. And if you aren’t doing it, you better find someone to do it for you… that’s where blooom comes in.

4. Better results. Using professional advisory assistance like blooom has been shown to provide you with a greater potential long-term return.

Blooom’s Pricing

Bloom says its median account balance is $47,556 —$10 a month on that balance works out to an annual fee of 0.25%.

For comparison, human advisors typically charge around 1% of assets under management, and robo advisors typically range from 0.25% to 0.35%.

Blooom Promo Code

You can make thousands of dollars easily over the long term just by getting a free 401k & IRA analysis here. More people should be doing this.

blooom referral code

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