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Sweatcoin is a digital currency (cryptocurrency) that you earn by walking or running.  Sweatcoin will track and verify your outdoor steps using your iPhone or Android phone accelerometers and GPS location. Those steps get converted into their digital currency — Sweatcoins.

If you are looking for a Sweatcoin bonus, you can sign up through this link to get a registration bonus: https://sweatco.in/i/signupbonus

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Sweatcoin Referral Signup Bonus

Do you walk? Get paid in Sweatcoins by using this Sweatcoin Referral Link.

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Sweatcoin Hacks and Cheats for 2021

Looking for the real way to hack Swaetcoin?

A lot of people are searching online for a real way to hack the Sweatcoin app. To earn free Sweatcoins, just download the app and sign up through this link. To begin, you will see 0 steps and 0 Sweatcoins as a new member. However, there is a hack where you can earn on average 10-20 Sweatcoin on average just by shaking your phone while on the step-counter screen. And, it actually works and a ton of people have tried it and it’s still working now. You can see a review of how it’s done in this YouTube video:

If your shakes and steps aren’t going up that much it’s because some phones have a pedometer others don’t that’s why Sweatcoin asks that it needs access to your Google Fit. Some pedometers do more steps than others, and the pedometer built in your phone is more efficient than Google Fit.

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