LendingClub Banking Promo Code List for 2021

Check out the latest LendingClub promo code that gives you $50.00 for opening a new personal or business checking account. To receive the $50.00 reward, you must open a Radius personal or business checking account using this link and entering promo code “sbzcj9” — you must submit an application.

sbzcj9 $50 bonus for opening a personal or business checking account and keeping a balance of $500 for 60 days. 12/31/2021


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LendingClub is a leading online bank committed to meet the growing banking needs of consumers nationwide by providing the product depth of a national brand, the technology of a fintech, and the personalized attention typically reserved for a local bank. All consumer checking, savings, and CD accounts can be opened online. It’s easy to apply and takes less than 5 minutes! Opening your account for the first time can be done virtually. This digital bank takes the long, drawn-out process that typically involves seemingly endless paperwork and signatures and throws it all into a three-minute online application. You can apply for a personal savings account, small business checking account, SBA loan, CD account, credit card, student loan and more, all from your home or work device.

Click here to open your account and claim a $50 bonus at LendingClub (Must submit application).

About the LendingClub Promotion

Use the LendingClub promo code during the application process. You must have an open, active account in good standing with at least $100 within 60 days of opening the account, meaning: No NSF (non-sufficient funds) items, returns, locks or freezes during the preceding months of your checking account being opened (regardless of the type of checking account).

The $50.00 reward will be deposited into your Radius account within 90 days of completion of the requirements. If you close your account for any reason before the end of the statement cycle, you will forfeit all rewards.

Click here to open your account and claim a $50 bonus at LendingClub (Must submit application).

LendingClub Review

Radius builds your accounts around you. Are you the type who donates often to charity? Use your checking account to earn money towards a donation. Do you prefer interest? No problem — Radius FDIC-insured savings accounts have some of the best rates in the industry and don’t incur any fees!

Getting your personalized account started takes a matter of minutes and you can do it all online. If you’ve got time during your lunch break, after you get the kids to bed or even on a commercial break during your favorite sitcom, take three minutes online to apply for your account. Once you experience FREE ATM services, FREE checking, FREE transfers, fee-FREE service and more, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this a long time ago.

Click here to open your account and claim a $50 bonus at LendingClub (Must submit application).

Digital Banking With Real Humans

Not everything that’s digital is run by robots or auto-populated responses. When you open a bank account, you want personalized, secure service. LendingClub has a live chat available when you have questions or concerns. If your debit card is stolen or lost, there’s a number you can call to report it. If you prefer banking over the phone, call a live human. Have a question? Send Radius an email and receive a real response. Can you say that about your shoebox?

Click here to open your account and claim a $50 bonus at LendingClub (Must submit application).

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The Easiest Way To Bank

One of the greatest features offered by LendingClub is the Integrated Financial Dashboard. With the touch of a finger, you can easily create a budget to keep your finances on track. Get a clear view of where your money goes every month so you can analyze trends, improve spending habits and work towards getting out of debt effectively, as well as a host of other easy-to-use features.

Click here to open your account and claim a $50 bonus at LendingClub (Must submit application).

Dust Off the Old Shoebox

It’s time to pull your shoebox savings out from under your bed and get yourself virtual savings accounts that will make your life so much easier. Open your account here or call them at 800-242-0272 to get started.



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