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Looking for a seated promo code? Just enter promo code “BRIAN916” to get a $5 Seated reward for your first reservation when you download the Seated app via this referral link.

To enter a promo code, navigate to the Store tab in the bottom right corner, click the Settings icon in the upper left corner, and then click “Add Code.”

Seated Promo Code: BRIAN916

Click here to get a Seated $5 Sign Up Bonus (BRIAN916).

What is Seated?

seated promo codereferral code

With the Seated app, you can browse, book, dine and earn rewards for every meal. It has been featured on New York Post, Delish, Yahoo and Refinery29 because you can dine out and earn from hundreds of restaurants in your city!

How Does Seated Work?

Simply book an available reservation on the app, dine out, and upload a photo of your receipt to verify your spend. Your selected reward code will be delivered digitally in the app within 24 hours of each successful reservation.

Codes are only sent to parties that attend their meal at the appointed time, meet the minimum spend, and submit a readable copy of their receipt. If you did all of those things, please make sure your push notifications are on, and check the ‘Earned Rewards’ section under “Me” in your app. If the codes are still not there, this means they were unable to verify your spend. If you have the receipt, please send a picture of it to the in-app chat or [email protected]. If you showed up but don’t have the receipt, please reach out anyway explaining what happened and they will evaluate your case accordingly.

How to Get Rewards on Seated?

You can earn rewards for every dollar spent towards your favorite brands and exclusive experiences.

If you dine out with Seated, you get up 30% cash back on every dollar spent. They pay you to go to great restaurants. You can also get gifts from top brands and gain access to exclusive experiences. If you’re not booking on Seated, you’re not making easy money!

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To claim your rewards, book a reservation on the platform and choose your preferred reward (Lyft, Amazon, or Starbucks). So long as you show up at the appointed time, hit the minimum spend, and verify your spend by uploading a photo of your receipt, the reward code will be delivered digitally in the app within 24 hours of each successfully attended reservation.

When Was Seated Founded?

Seated is was founded in 2018 so that’s partially why they have a great sign up bonus of $5.00.

Where is Seated Available?

Seated is available in New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Austin, Denver, and Seattle.

How Can I Enter a Promo Code?

To enter a promo code, navigate to the Me tab in the bottom right corner, click Settings, and then click “Add Code.”

How to Refer Friends to Seated?

Tap the gift icon in the top left in order to share your link with your friends. Your extra referral credit will be sent after your friend completes their first reservation.

Referral codes are sent up to 24 hours after your friend goes out. If the codes do not arrive 48 hours after their reservation, then we were unable to verify your friend’s spend. Please reach out to Seated directly at [email protected] or the in-app chat after they have successfully demonstrated proof of attendance for their reservation.

Download Seated and Claim Promo Code

Earn cash back rewards from your favorite brands every time you dine out through Seated. Search from over 3000 restaurants!

seated promo codereferral code

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